Welcome to the god logo/Great one divine apparel

Welcome to the god logo/Great one divine apparel

The story behind the logo

As an advertising rep, Kyle Niemeier met Tracy Zeller in 2004 when she mentioned she was opening a fine jewelry store in Evansville, IN. Kyle added Tracy to his regular sales route which brought him by every other week. After months of trying to sell Tracy advertising, Tracy simply asked "What can I sell you today?" 

Kyle had worn a white gold cross necklace and chain for years. He was ready for something different; however, he still wanted to represent his faith. Tracy knew  Kyle had graduated from a local Catholic high school, so she showed him some alternative cross pendants and saint's medallions, but nothing seemed quite right.

Fast forward a couple of months. Kyle came into Tracy's store and said "Quick, give me a piece of paper and a pencil!" He drew a symbol and kept pointing at it asking Tracy if she could read it.

Tracy said, "I'm not sure what you want me to see."

"Come on," Kyle insisted. "Can't you see it?"

Tracy said, "Well, I see a G. I can make out a G..."

So Kyle traced over the G. The he traced the O. Then the D.

And Tracy said..."Oh goodness, it reads GOD!"

And Kyle said, "Exactly!"

Tracy asked where Kyle had seen this beautiful symbol. She was surprised to learn he had doodled it 10 years earlier in high school only to have it pop in his mind that very morning. He hadn't thought about it in years but knew it was what he wanted to wear as a pendant.

Kyle asked Tracy if she could engrave the G.O.D. symbol on the back of a saint's medallion. She said she could, however, she wasn't excited about simply engraving it...that seemed too ordinary. She lost three nights sleep thinking about the beautiful symbol.

Tracy was envisioning a dimensional piece of fine jewelry. Shortly after, she hand-cut the very first pendant out of a piece of solid gold. It was an Aha! revelation. She was so excited for Kyle to see the pendant. When he arrived at the showroom, she presented the first 14k yellow gold hand-cut Great One Divine pendant on the showcase.

His reaction..."Oh, it's my God!"

And Tracy said, "Exactly!"

Kyle was awarded a patent on the Great One Divine logo in 2008 and licensed the design to Tracy to sell jewelry. Tracy began to sell pendants, charms and accessories using the Great One Divine™ logo in her jewelry store in Evansville, IN. As people began to recognize the logo and inquire about the products, the Great One Divine™ branded jewelry continued to grow.

In the fall of 2017, Tracy and Kyle agreed to grant a license for the Great One Divine to Topwater, LLC to pursue all avenues of branded product with the exception of jewelry, which Tracy will continue to sell. By licensing the brand for other products, many more people will have the opportunity to share their faith and represent who they believe in.

The tagline Believe It. Live It. Share IT. of the Great One Divine™ brand is also more than a slogan. Tracy and Kyle along with the members of Topwater believe that part of their responsibility is to pass on financial resources, help and encouragement to those who might need it when their paths cross. We hope others will be encouraged to do the same.

Believe It Live It Share It.